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|| প্যারিস ||
(তমালি ভৌমিক)
A view from Eiffel Tower, by Tamali Bhowmik Eifel Tower Miniature, by Tamali Bhowmik Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, by Tamali Bhowmik
Louvre_museum_reflected_on_Louvre_pyramid, by Tamali Bhowmik Louvre Museum, by Tamali Bhowmik Louvre_Museum_seen_from_inside_pyramid, by Tamali Bhowmik
The river Seine in Paris, by Tamali Bhowmik Glasswork at Notre Dame, by Tamali Bhowmik Versailles Palace, by Tamali Bhowmik

~ প্যারিসের তথ্য || ভ্রমণ কাহিনি - স্বপ্নের দেশে একদিন~

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