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ভারতের বিভিন্ন রাজ্য ও কেন্দ্রীয় সরকারি পর্যটন দপ্তরের ওয়েবসাইটের ঠিকানা রয়েছে এই পাতায়। তালিকার কোনও কোনও ওয়েবসাইট থেকে হোটেল-লজ-গাড়ি-সাফারি বুক করা যাবে সরাসরি। এবিষয়ে 'আমাদের ছুটি'-র কোনও দায়িত্ব নেই।

Ministry of Tourism - Govt. of India: http://www.incredibleindia.org

India Tourism Development Corporation Limited:  http://theashokgroup.com

Andhra Pradesh -   http://www.aptourism.in/

Arunachal Pradesh - http://www.arunachaltourism.com/

Assam   - http://www.assamtourism.org/

Bihar Tourism Department - http://bstdc.bih.nic.in/

Chattisgarh - http://www.chhattisgarhtourism.net/

Goa - http://www.goa-tourism.com/

Gujarat - http://www.gujarattourism.com/

Haryana - http://haryanatourism.gov.in/

Himachal Pradesh - http://himachaltourism.gov.in/

HP Toursim Development Corp: http://hptdc.nic.in/

Jammu & Kashmir - http://www.jktourism.org/

Jharkhand - http://www.jharkhandtourism.in/

Karnataka - http://www.karnatakatourism.org/

Kerala - http://www.keralatourism.org/
Silent Valley - http://silentvalley.gov.in/

Madhya Pradesh - http://wwww.mptourism.com

Maharashtra - http://www.maharashtratourism.gov.in

Manipur - http://manipur.nic.in/tourism.htm

Meghalaya - http://megtourism.gov.in/

Mizoram - http://tourism.mizoram.gov.in/

Nagaland - http://tourismnagaland.com/

Orissa - http://orissatourism.gov.in/

Punjab - http://www.punjabtourism.gov.in/

Rajasthan - http://www.rajasthantourism.gov.in/
Rajasthan Wildlife Safari Online Booking - http://www.rajasthanwildlife.com/

Sikkim - http://sikkimtourism.gov.in/
Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation - http://www.sikkimstdc.com/Index.aspx

Tamilnadu - http://www.tamilnadutourism.org/

Tripura - http://tripuratourism.nic.in/

Uttar Pradesh - http://www.up-tourism.com/

Uttarakhand - http://www.uttarakhandtourism.net/
Kumayun:  http://www.kmvn.gov.in/
Garhwal:  http://www.gmvnl.com/newgmvn/

West Bengal - https://wbtourismgov.in/
West Bengal Forest Development Corporation: http://www.wbfdc.net/

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - http://www.andamans.gov.in/

Delhi - http://delhitourism.nic.in/

Chandigarh - http://chandigarhtourism.gov.in/

Dadra & Nagar Haeveli: http://www.dnh.nic.in/tourism.html

Silvassa - http://www.silvassa-tourism.com/

Daman & Diu - http://www.diutourism.co.in/daman/

Lakshadweep - http://lakshadweeptourism.nic.in/
Tour Packages - http://www.lakshadweeptourism.com/tourpackages.html

Pondicherry - http://tourism.puducherry.gov.in/


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